Funny enough, your skis are just like your car. Over time, you get used to the way your skis feel, just like you get accustomed to your car’s performance. You know just how your skis will handle and what features are nice. You learn how fast you can go, and after you’ve ridden a while, you can settle in to cruise control. It’s nice to be comfortable, but with skiing or snowboarding, you can eventually get lulled into complacency. If you don’t shake things up and try new gear, you’ll never improve your skills.

Fortunately, an impressive number of ski and snowboard companies are continually advancing technology and construction to deliver better equipment for specific types of users. The trick is determining which new board or which new skis are right for you. You don’t want to invest in something and then discover it’s not helping you improve.

The best option is to rent or demo skis or snowboards during your next trip to the slopes. That way, you can test several models without committing to a purchase. If you find something you love and decide to buy it, some rental shops will allow you to apply a portion of your rental payment to your purchase.

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Rental Options

One of the best ways to try a bunch of new gear is to rent equipment through They have a Demo Package that allows you to rent and try out some of the latest skiing equipment from top brands. With your rental, you can swap out gear as often as you’d like so you can try a variety of models. The Demo Package also allows skiers to use Lange ski boots designed for higher performance and aggressive turning. If you don’t already own high-performance boots, and you can’t yet afford them, this rental option will allow you to still get the most out of your testing experience.

Get a Demo Package to test the latest products from the best brands.

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While the Demo Package gives you the option to swap out gear easily, other packages from also make it convenient to try new things without investing in brand new gear.

The Performance Package gives you access to a variety of skis and snowboards designed for specific conditions. If you’re a diehard powder slayer who does nothing but guided, snowcat, and heli trips, you can test the latest super-wide, lofty planks. If you’re working on your moguls, your trees, or your prowess in the chop, there are skis for those pursuits as well.

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If you’re a beginner, renting makes sense. You need to make sure you’re going to enjoy the sport before you invest significant money. Also, when you get your equipment through, you’ll be outfitted with skis or a snowboard designed for beginners. If you’re traveling with friends or family, and you just borrow gear, you might end up using equipment that doesn’t match your abilities and that can lead to a frustrating day on the slopes.

With the Sport Package, you’ll have beginner-friendly gear that’s a bit shorter, easier to turn, and more forgiving. During your rental, experts at the shop can teach you about the features of a ski that affect performance. So, when it’s time to buy, you can make an educated choice.

Other Rental Amenities

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Testing gear is a time-consuming process. It takes a while to get geared up, make it to the lifts, do a few runs, identify how your skis are feeling, and then return to the shop to swap out equipment. You’ll be able to test more gear if you can find ways to maximize your time on the slopes. Fortunately, offers several conveniences that can save you time and effort.

For example, offers delivery service to nine U.S. resorts. You can reserve your gear online, and then have it delivered to your lodging, where experts will personally fit you with your gear. That will save you a lot of time in testing your first pair of skis for the day. Then, the slopeside locations are close by when you’re ready to swap skis.

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If you plan to pick up your rental gear at a shop, it helps to find a location that’s near the mountain. Many of the shops that partner with are near the lifts, so you can quickly drop in during the day to exchange equipment. Some shops are also very close to places to eat. After you swap out gear, you can refuel quickly, and then get back to the mountain.

Breaking New Ground

Rental programs empower you to try new activities and push your limits.

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While renting equipment helps you make choices and save money, it also serves as a gateway to trying new things. If you’re trying skiing or snowboarding for the first time, will provide you modern equipment that matches your ability level so that learning will be easier. If you’re experienced and looking to push yourself, you can rent high-performance gear that will enable you to tackle new terrain. Whether you want to learn to ski moguls or master deep powder, you can break new ground by trying equipment that would otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

Trying new things is essential if you want to have a happy, rewarding life. At some point, most of us grow complacent. Our world becomes comfortable, and we begin to settle. That old truck you’ve been driving just putters along, but you’re used to it, so you just go along for the ride. But, eventually, you’ll yearn for something new. Even if you can’t afford it yet, you’ll start dreaming about your new ride. It’s the same with outdoor gear. By renting, rather than buying, you don’t have to pay a steep price to pursue your dreams.

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Written by Beth Lopez for Matcha in partnership with Rent Skis.

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