At its core, a ski trip is pretty simple: Head to snow, get on snow, ride down snow. For a successful day on the mountain, you need high-quality equipment that fits well and suits your abilities. Even if you have some experience, you can struggle to choose the right equipment as it’s daunting to sort through the various sizes, shapes, and brands. Plus, buying everything you need can be pretty expensive.

That’s why renting gear is so handy. By renting, you can try out different products from various companies to see what works the best. Plus, you can swap out gear mid-day if something isn’t working well or if the conditions change. It’s an ideal situation, especially if you only get to ski a couple of times a year or if you’re just beginning your love affair with skiing.

That’s how one skier, Alex, found After moving from the East Coast to the Denver area, this avid outdoorsman decided to make his move on Colorado’s mountains. Before his first-ever ski trip to Keystone Resort, he booked online at and picked up at the most convenient Keystone Sports. To say it was a good decision would be an understatement. Alex had a great first day on the hill. He then began to use repeatedly as he improved his skills and explored more of the Rockies.

Alex’s story is an excellent example of how a ski rental program can be a valuable resource, no matter your skill level. Also, his story illustrates what you can expect the first time you get your equipment through

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An Easy First-Time Experience

You can expect swift service and valuable help from friendly experts during your first experience with

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Like so many first-timers, Alex felt a little uncertain during his first day at the resort. “I walked in not really knowing what to do,” he said. Since he indicated on his rental form that he was a first-time skier, he was given a brief explanation of which type of skis were best for his size and ability and was able to chat with the techs as they set up his gear.

“They helped guide me into a beginner boot and a beginner ski,” he said. “I got set up, and then went to the ski school, which was right around the corner.”

That initial experience with wouldn’t be his last.

Renting Across the Rockies

Over the next two years, Alex used at several resorts in Colorado, including Breckenridge, Vail, and Beaver Creek. He said each location is different, but the rental experts provided a high level of customer service at each, and he enjoyed interacting with them.

“I just kind of leaned on them to give me tips as I got better,” he said. “They were able to guide me into a different size and different tightness in a boot. Then, I got better skis or demos when I was ready to try that side of things. And I tried fatter skis for powder days.”

While Alex has enjoyed his face-to-face meetings with shop employees, he also gives the company’s online services high marks. “It’s a pretty easy process,” he said. At, you can choose the resort you’ll be visiting, pick your desired ski or snowboard package (including boots and a helmet, if you need them), and then provide your payment information. Your reservation is then complete.

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Renting Offers Plenty of Perks

Use Rent Skis to skip long lines in the rental shop and store your gear overnight.

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There was a time that renting ski and snowboard equipment was a real drag. You had to arrive at the ski shop early to get a spot in line, and then wait, and wait. When it was finally your turn, you would be hurried into your equipment and shuffled out, often carrying beat-up gear that didn’t fit or function that well. However, Alex discovered the whole process is much different when you use

If you initially set up a reservation through, the rental process moves quickly, and you can skip long lines. “When you get to the rental shop, you get to go straight to the reservations line, which is often shorter and faster than the walk-in line,” he said. “It’s a nice, expedited service, as opposed to having to go in through the sign-in process if you walked in.”

There are other perks to renting on as well. For example, you can take advantage of an overnight storage service, which is great for multi-day trips and available at many locations. Instead of slogging your gear back to the hotel, you can return it to the shop where they’ll keep it for you until you need it the next day.

Another great perk is the ski valet option, which is offered at Vail and a selection of other resorts. “You can just pop your skis off right at the base of the mountain,” Alex said. “I remember one time I gave them my skis, and they had my shoes warming. Yeah, that ski valet is pretty awesome.”

Alex, like so many others, appreciates that renting equipment is much more enjoyable and convenient these days. has tons of convenient locations, many of which are located right at the base of the ski resorts. Because the shops are so close to the slopes, it’s easy to address gear issues that arise when you’re on the mountain. Plus, you can easily switch gear in the middle of the day.

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Renting Gear for All Conditions

Rent Skis will set you up with gear designed for particular terrain and snow conditions.

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A large number of people who rent gear are beginners or travelers who don’t want to transport their own equipment. However, renting is also a great option for skiers and boarders who are progressing in their skills and wish to explore all types of terrain in varying conditions.

As Alex became a better skier, he started to rent specific skis for individual mountains and particular snow conditions. One day at Vail, he started the day on all-mountain skis, but as a storm rolled in, he returned to Vail Sports to switch to powder skis.

“They were super accommodating,” he said. After the techs adjusted the bindings on the new skis, he was back out the door and onto the snow.

Using allows you to not only adjust your gear but also adapt your equipment to your ever-increasing skill level. It offers a wide selection of styles, brands, and sizes. Once you’re at the resort, that set up will be waiting for you.

“They know your history; they know what to do,” said Alex. “They know what you last rented, and you just pick up where you left off.”

As Alex realized when he moved to Colorado, learning a new sport and trying to get better can be a real challenge. But, he has progressed and enjoyed the process because he hasn’t had to worry about his gear. With the assistance of, he’s been able to choose the right products, get them to the resort easily, and adjust things to function correctly without headaches. For him, there’s really only one challenge—seeing how far he can push himself as he continues to explore the mountains he has come to love.

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Written by Katie Coakley for Matcha in partnership with Rent Skis.

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